I hate SkyNet

Originally posted on Wed, 11/07/2012

Yesterday I put my Terminator 2 Blu-Ray into the player, and it said “SkyNet has detected that you have accessed this disk before.”
30 seconds later: “SkyNet is loading…”
30 seconds later, a map of the Earth, with a bunch of stuff which might have been disabled menu options, or just fake menu options.  It might have said, “SkyNet cannot determine your location.”  Oh, and a “continue” option.
For the next 15 seconds: “SkyNet has detected an Internet connection…”
“Downloading high-resolution media…”

SkyNet did not know where I had stopped playing the day before.  It did not know which version of the movie I preferred.  Out of my 20 minute treadmill routine, 4 minutes were spent just getting back to the right scene.

If only Skynet were a little smarter and a little faster.