Our little contrarian

Jordan:  “Sylvia’s being a contrarian.”

Sylvia:  “No, you’re a contrarian.”

Maybe when she turns four we’ll teach her what the word means.

Ian is still in the hospital, and we expect him to be released tomorrow morning.  He’s been in the hospital for two weeks.  There’s no particular reason why he’s been in the hospital three days longer than expected;  the doctors are just being extra careful.  For example, he hasn’t been feeding well from a bottle.  This could be a sign of trouble, but in his case he only takes a bottle when he’s really hungry, and they are too cautious to let him get really hungry.  So last night and tonight Jordan has been staying at the hospital to breast-feed him.  He’s gaining weight, and the doctor says that if he continues to gain weight overnight, he’ll be discharged in the morning.  (Am I the only one who wishes hospitals used a more antiseptic term than “discharge?”)  Sylvia and I visited them tonight, and he appears to be perfectly normal, except for being slightly hoarse and having a scar on his throat.


3 thoughts on “Our little contrarian

  1. Let’s see…what does my thesaurus say?

    eject, expel, throw out, boot out, send packing, emit, ooze, offload, liquidate

    Any of those sound good?

  2. To let him in they admitted him, so maybe when they send him off they will…abmit him?

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