…Time permitting…

It turns out that parenting two kids is more work than one. I’ve had dozens of blog posts in my head, but haven’t had a chance to post one.

Ian is now over two months old. He smiles frequently and is built like a body builder. He can support his own weight. In the past few weeks he’s started getting much more involved in the world: trying to grab things, or shifting around in his saucer seat. Until recently, he wasn’t happy unless he was physically touching somebody. (He still doesn’t like cars– which is unusual for babies.) He still has a hard time sleeping unless he’s on or leaning against someone.

Sylvia, meanwhile, just turned three on Sunday. She claims to have voted on Tuesday for Condoleezza Rice.

Ian's First Smile This is Ian’s first smile. I didn’t get to see smiles for several days after Jordan took this picture.