Birth timeline

3:30 AM
Jordan’s water breaks. She’s having mild contractions. We call the midwife, she tells us to go to the hospital once Jordan is having trouble talking through contractions.
4:50 AM
I call my parents. We had planned to wait until 5:00 AM, but decided this was close enough.
6:00 AM
We arrive at the hospital. Jordan is calm, so the nurses on duty don’t realize how far along she is.
11:00 AM
We both take a nap. Contractions have been slow and relatively mild. Afterwards, I go have lunch.
12:28 PM
I start timing contractions again. They’re strong, and only 3 minutes apart. Jordan and I are taking a walk in the hallway, and she’s holding onto a railing with both hands.
2:41 PM
Ian is born. That’s the official time recorded by the nurse. There’s a flurry of activity in the room, as I cut the cord, the baby is weighed and measured, the placenta comes out, and the midwife stiches up Jordan. (Nothing serious: Ian’s arm was over his shoulder as he came out. The same thing happened with Sylvia.) The baby was delivered by Ann Page, CNM, who also delivered Sylvia and is the sister of one of our friends.
3:18 PM
Things quiet down enough that I can start making phone calls.
Sunday morning
Jordan and Ian come home.

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