Bird's nest

At the intersection of highways 169 and 62 in Eden Prairie (that’s a Southwest suburb of Minneapolis) there are giant light poles which illuminate the cloverleaf intersection. I don’t know how tall they are, but they are several times taller than standard highway light poles. At the top of each pole is a circular metal platform. A ring of gymnasium-style lights dangles from below each platform. I don’t know how big any of these are, since at these heights, all sense of scale is lost.

Covering the top of one of these platforms is a nest. I can see birds in the nest during my daily commute. I can’t tell what kind of birds they are, nor is it safe to take too close a look while driving. But suffice it to say they are big. I don’t know how big, but I would imagine somewhere between huge and giant. I haven’t seen them flying. They are probably eagles.

I often see hawks sitting on highway lamp posts. Most drivers never notice the raptors that are a part of their commute. But nothing compares to the giant nest.