GNU Hurd kernel is written in Lisp!

Non-technical readers, just skip this post. Completely. Trust me.

I can’t believe this. According to a note at the end of this Wikipedia entry:
“The GNU Hurd project… currently have decided on the Coyotos kernel.”
Coyotos is a kernel based on EROS (Extremely Reliable OS) written in the BitC language. Looking at the latter page, sample source code looks like this:

(define (fact x:int32)

(cond ((< x 0) (- (fact (- x))))

((= x 0) 1)


(* x (fact (- x 1))))))

which is to say, Lisp. And it will have a Linux-compatibility layer. Insert Emacs joke here.

(Since they describe ML as one of their inspirations, they could have at least used a C-like syntax, so that other kernel hackers won’t loose their sanity trying to count parentheses.)