Potty training kicks into high gear

I’ll try to keep this post clean.  Every one of us was, at one point in our lives, obsessed with potty training.  Thankfully, most of us don’t remember it.  Sylvia is under a lot of peer pressure to stop wearing diapers.  She’s not even three years old, but many of her friends have made the transition.  One day last week she suddenly decided she perfered underwear to diapers.  (She’s got training underwear which is, thankfully, extra thick.  And we also put her diaper cover on over that.) Yesterday she went the whole day without any problems.  To reward her, we gave her ice cream for dessert.  Today was nearly as uneventful.

When I was in grad school, my research group was trying to come up with slogans.  My suggestion was “GroupLens:  the Internet is in its infancy, and we’re potty training it!”  The professors looked at each other for a while and then one said to me, “you’ve never done potty training, have you.”  I’ve now had an experience where I can see their point.  What we were doing was in some ways a predecessor to spam filtering, so you can decide for yourself the relative disgustingness of each one.