All last week Jordan has had a pain in her jaw on one side, like having braces adjusted. She’s also had bad headaches
and has generally been feeling icky. She was about ready to schedule a dantist appointment when she read a newspaper article that mentioned that those are the symptoms of mumps. And there’s been a mumps outbreak in parts of Minnesota and Iowa.

She hasn’t seen a doctor, and it’s starting to go away on its own. She did call the RN/midwife group which is doing her pernatal care, and they told her to call a regular doctor.
On the radio they say there have been 14 cases of people suspected of having the mumps. I wonder how many there really are, when you count people who haven’t seen a doctor.

(In case you’re wondering, she was vaccinated, but the vaccines only give you partial immunity, at least once you are an adult. Which is good enough to keep outbreaks under control.)